iPadHolders2Go Sitemap

Floor Stands:

iPadHolders2go offers a wide selection of floorstanding kiosks. Floor stands have increased in popularity, both in residential and commercial environments. Non-locking stands are common for home use. Our selection includes a range of adjustable and fixed height options. Kiosks and other locking enclosures are most commonly found in retail environments, as they include great features like cable management, secure mounts and literature holders. For trade shows, marketing events or conference rooms, we offer podiums and lecterns with attached iPad mounts.

Countertop Mounts:

Similar to floor stands, our countertop mounts come in a selection of locking and non-locking models. Many enclosures are adjustable to accommodate Android tablets in addition to iPads. Included in this selection are models that can be bolted or clamped to tabletop surfaces. Locking iPad bumpers are also available to provide a slimmer, more lightweight display.

Wall Mounts:

The wall units offer tons of fantastic features, including locking enclosures, credit card reader bracket access, covered and exposed home buttons and more. Some models can even be adjusted for countertop use.

iPad Air:

As the iPad Air has recently increased in popularity, iPadHolders2Go offers a line of products designed to accommodate the iPad Air. These options include floor stands, counter stands and wall mounts. iPad Air floor stands are ideal for commercial settings as they encourage users to interact with advertising content. Countertop stands can be mounted within merchandise displays to promote sales, product details or company information.

iPad Mini:

The iPad Mini stands are nearly identical to the other floor, counter and wall holders. The enclosures are designed specifically for the smaller iPad Mini size to provide the best fit.

Android Tablets:

The huge variety of Android tablets on the market today range in size, generally between 7" - 10". These adjustable brackets can be resized to accommodate most tablet sizes.


Our tablet and iPad accessories are great add-ons! For added security, users can purchase Kensington locks as well as locking charging cabinets.

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