iPad Stands for Business Use in Locking, Portable & Adjustable Styles

Freestanding iPad Stands - Floor Kiosks & Enclosures for Retail & Commercial Use

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Do you need commercial quality iPad stands for business, company, or retail locations? iPadHolders2go carries a full line of floor standing display fixxtures that can easily present, hold and protect expensive tablets while allowing patrons, customers or guests to easily access to programming, features and functions. When choosing freestanding iPad stands for retail or commercial environment, it is important to choose a model that suits all your needs. Does it provide the proper viewing angles? Does it lock to prevent theft? Can the enclosure be rotated to accommodate portrait and landscape orientation? Purchasing a floorstanding iPad stand, also known as a tablet floor kiosk, is the perfect way to safely and securely display the iPad Air and Apple mini as well as multiple generations of the classic iPad. Our huge selection of styles, sizes, and finishes makes it easy to select kiosks that are the suitable height, finish and that offer, if desired, the right style of custom graphics or merchandising display options.

How do commercial-quality freestanding tablet kiosks and enclosures for business differ from other models?
  • Floor standing iPad stand cases are lined with soft padding to provide a cushion to protect devices placed within the iPad stand.
  • Many freestanding tablet display enclosures are designed to be portable so it can be moved for trade show purposes or for different configurations in a store or conference setting. For high traffic public locations, floor-mounted styles are ideal for permanently installed fixtures.
  • Locking and non-locking kiosks for handheld devices can be used for both in-store or business or off-site commercial settings.
  • Freestanding tablet displays include brackets around the iPad designed to tilt and rotate devices to the perfect viewing angle. This is supremely important for kiosks designed for public use by a variety of customers, with multiple presentations, or that feature dynamic content.

Using floor standing iPad kiosk stands in trade show and retail settings is an ideal way to let customers interact with digital media without fear of theft or damage to expensive devices. Tablet presentations can easily showcase advertisements, demonstration videos, photos and even music. Freestanding tablet kiosk stands easily offer check-in or check-out functionality, let guests and visitors browse social media marketing and validations, allow customers to view sales presentations or search inventory for in-store merchandise. These floor standing pedestals offer stable, durable and space-saving designs that provide high visibility in heavy traffic areas. Our in-stock inventory includes height adjustable models as well as those that are set a fixed height for the perfect viewing angle. Choose between locking and non-locking stands for customer or employee access.

Aside from commercial locations, these tablet kiosks are great for schools and community centers like libraries. Because functionality and design are important when making any kind of purchase, we ensure that our products are made to allow full access to all of an iPad’s features. Charging ports and media plus are left visible and easy to access even through the locked case to make recharging and adding pictures or a USB a breeze.

We offer several stands that come with clamp-on enclosures in addition to shelving and counter space. Our presentation stands are designed specifically for trade show use and can be custom fitted with graphics and logos to match your company logo. If smaller models for residential or office use are what you need, we carry a full line of thinner, metal enclosures. For people who have security concerns, many of our stands come with a Kensington lock kit that keeps your expensive device secure within the enclosure and prevents theft.

All of our kiosks and systems are designed to be setup quickly and easily with little to no assembly required. The locking or non-locking cases sit on the of the bases for in-store use. Purchase the tablet accessories for all your digital presentation needs and make the most of your floor space as well as your electronic ads and promotions. Our in-store setups are ideal for all your electronic needs as well as provide a stylish and secure way to modernize any commercial location!

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