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What did we do before handheld tablet computers, before the sight of tablets in iPad holder displays became commonplace everywhere from the office to the living room? Sometimes it's hard to remember a time, but in truth it has not been all that many years since Apple® released the first generation of these convenient handheld computers. Initially marketed for personal use, Apple tablet displays for retail, commercial and professional use quickly gained popularity. As a result, iPad holders for business evolved at almost the same rate as apps and public uses were discovered. Touchscreen kiosks allowed companies and organizations to take full advantage of the "hands free" aspect of tablet applications. Commercial grade iPad holders are also largely responsible for the fact that the investment in a handheld device is more economical than that of "customary" desktop PCs, notebooks, or laptop computers. Now, the stands are commonly employed throughout government offices, retail locations, and galleries. iPad holders and electronic accessories are often used in schools, as well. As more uses are discovered, the designs and features continue to evolve. These iPad holders, also known as Apple® tablet display fixtures, represent the top selling styles on the market.

best selling ipad holders What are some of the many ways businesses and organizations use an iPad holder?
  • Electronics Display and Demos: This is an easy one! Stores that offer iPads or apps for tablets for sale can display the items where potential buyers can not only see them, they can try them out. Countertop display stands are one method, and tablets can be additionally secured using cable locks (such as the Kensington lock system).
  • The retail applications for tablets are varied. Product information can be displayed on single tablet mounts, or entire banks can be used on counters for anything from demonstration stations to showing "how-to" video loops.
  • Tradeshow booths became even more portable when companies didn't have to lug around heavy desktops or even laptops. Tablet displays could provide easy access to booth visitors to websites, sample applications, and much more, without taking up valuable booth space.
  • Educational institutions welcomed the cost-effectiveness of tablet computing, and can utilize desktop or floor stands to make use of the devices as anything from standalone music fixtures to reading podiums to testing stations.
  • Galleries and museums realized that an installation of tablets in stylish iPad holders could be used for photography exhibitions, as well as for providing information about existing installations, or even to provide directory information and interior maps. Artists began to apply tablets as an element of their work, instead of merely a potential display method.
most popular ipad holders

Unlike customary desktops or even laptops, tablet-sized computers offer an amazing variety of display options. The ability to rapidly switch between portrait or landscape orientation, depending on either application or preference, and the convenience of touch-screen access meant that display methods had to account for those factors in addition to merely holding, and or securing, the devices themselves. As usage increased, so did the threat of loss or tampering. Display cases, kiosks and frames needed to stand up to heavy public usage, while still offering easy access and reducing the threats of theft, unauthorized data access, or damage to devices. Mounts had to be able to offer full access in some cases, limited user access in others, and non-interactive display-only access in some cases as well.

What are the most common display fixture styles for tablet computers?
  • Countertop: Also known as desktop, these low-rise display cases are useful for both business applications as well as home applications. Desktop stands come in easel, gooseneck, fixed-pedestal, wall mount, hanging, or even car mount styles for use in any environment. Locking options for desk or counter models include locking frames and/or cases, cable locks, or fixed-stand mounts. featured ipad holder styles
  • Floor: Free standing floor models can be as simple as a pole-construction fixed frame unit for directory display information, or as intricate as podium stands that incorporate speakers and built-in tablet displays for use as teleprompters or lecterns. Portable or fixed, floor standing displays and cases offer a variety of options that allow usage in many different environments. Locking options for floor stands can include fixed-stand installation, locking device frames and/or cases, and sometimes cable locks.
  • Portable: One of the most innovative elements of the tablet computer is that it can be hand-held. This also makes it very, very difficult to secure, but the use of cable-locks allows device owners to provide full portability without opening the devices to risk of theft or tampering.

The options available for tablet stands and mounts (and cases and covers) are nearly endless. Easel units, clamp mounts, gooseneck vs. pole construction, incorporation into larger device installations, etc. are all options available. Mounting style will depend in many ways on the expected usage of the devices. Some are used for display only, with no user interactivity, while other uses not only influence, but require, interactive participation. Companies and even schools have been known to secure a bank of handhelds on a countertop for use as either application or testing stations.

Our large inventory of in-stock items and best sellers allows us to give our customers wholesale pricing whether you need one, one hundred, or even one thousand of these Apple® touch-screen stands for business/commercial or personal use. The various categories include both professional and residential counter styles as well as floor styles, so it's easy to find the right gen 1 or 2 iPad or even 3rd run accessories. And if you need help with the decision or in finding the particular mount that meets your needs, we have a talented and highly knowledgeable team of customer service reps who will be happy to assist you. Our customer service department provides live-staff assistance on the phone at 1-800-572-2194 between 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 5:30 p.m. EST on Friday. Online chat is also accessible from 9 to 5 every week day. For after hours support, we can be reached by email, and will respond as quickly as possible, generally by the next business day.

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